Between the Covers – July 22

The Summer Reading Program has begun! Join us 11am Tuesday-Thursday for stories, crafts, and fun science experiments all on Facebook live. Remember to sign up at the TDSRC website. There you will find tons of eBooks, jokes and a reading log for all the books this summer. Keep track of books you’ve read and let us know how many to be entered into the candy jar contest. Follow us on Facebook @WPLSummer to join for our summer of fun!

Last week’s New Books on the shelf  are “Hit List” by Stewart Woods, “The Journey of the Pharaohs” by Clive Cussler, “My Dark Vanessa” by Kate Elizabeth Russell and  “Over the Top” by Jonathan Van Ness.  This week are New Books are “Texas Outlaw” by James Patterson, “The Boy From the Woods” by Harlan Coban,  “A Conspiracy of Bones” by Kathy Reichs and “Open Book” by Jessica Simpson.

The New Movies cataloged this week are “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, “Spider-Man Far From Home”, “Doctor Sleep”, “1917” and “Stuber”!  Call, e-mail or check it out from your account!


The Wawa Public Library is closed but no need to stop reading with the LIBBY APP at your fingertips.  Your library card gives you access to a huge selection of books and audiobooks.  Download the app to your computer, tablet or mobile phone and open up a whole new world of reading.  This is an amazing app! Download it today!

The Wawa Public Library has Curbside Pickup (Tuesday-Friday from 1:00 am – 4:00 pm) available for our patrons!  Place your order by accessing your account from our website and placing your order.  If you do not know or remember your password please call or email and we can look it up for you! You can also place an order by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 705-856-2244 at 290!

If you have library material, they can still at this time be returned using the drop box.  You may also keep the material if you wish.  All materials on loan at this time will have fine free check-ins! Please no batteries or ink cartridges in the drop box.

Free Wi-Fi is available at the library and can be accessed from your vehicle.

If you would like to register for a library card, please call us at (705)856-2244 ext 290 or email at [email protected]. A library card allows patrons to  access an amazing selection of e-books and audio books through the Libby App.  Please provide your name and contact information and we will give you your card number.   If you are a member with a valid library card and it is not working; it may be that your card is expired or maybe has an alert in which case you would be blocked.  Call or email the library and we can make sure you have access to library material.  We are automatically updating cards we know are expired but we may not catch them all.

The Wawa Public Library’s website is up and running.  Please take a moment and check it out!  There is an amazing amount of reference material and tools available for everyone.  Check the E-Resources tab for all kinds of information.  The web address is  The Online Catalogue and your library account are accessible.  We also have a new blog page titled Library News.  In here you will find current happenings at the Wawa Public Library. Don’t forget TumbleBooks is offering free access to their resources during the Covid-19 crisis. The links can be found under the E-Resources tab.

We are now able to convert VHS-C cassettes to DVD!  These are the small cassettes that fit in a video camera.  Thank you to a patron who donated the VHS-C cassette adapter.  Please call the Circulation Desk for more details.

Wawa Public Library Board Meetings will be canceled until further notice.

Please wear a mask, stay safe, wash your hands and we will see you soon!


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