From the Branch – May 13

On April 24 we lost another Comrade with the passing away of our Veteran Les Calkins. We will remember him at our next meeting.
So the 75 years of the end of WW2 is now past and hopefully we can celebrate next year 75+1 with more events. The laying of wreaths at the Amsterdam national monument was attended by 6, the King and Queen, 2 adjudants and the Dutch Prime minister and a General. A young couple laid all the wreaths for all fallen Military and civilians.
I also have a fallen soldier in my family . My father’s eldest sister was married to my uncle Hans who was a Austrian citizen. And in 1940 after the occupation he was told to go to Vienna and join the Austrian Army who were later deployed at the Russian front were he died. I remember him as a gentle and very good carpenter. My aunt and her kids moved back to Holland but had lost their Dutch citizenship for a few years.
At The Branch it is still quite and hopefully something will get going in the next few months.
I visited my doctor on Friday with a problem and was checked and got different medications.
But they also tested me for Covid 19 and I am now stuck at home for 2 weeks in isolation.
The General visited the troops and asked some of the soldiers how the grub was.
One fellow told him “We are fighting over it every meal!”
So the General said ” So it is that Good!”
No said the Guy…. “The looser has to eat it!”
To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.
Nick Veldt
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