National Nursing Week 2020 is May 11th–17th

Nursing Week is the annual celebration of our profession.  This week was established to honor Florence Nightingale’s birthday , May 12th, the founder of modern nursing.

The World Health Organization has also designated 2020 as the YEAR OF THE NURSE AND MIDWIFE  in honor of the 200thanniversary of her birthday.

The theme this year is NURSES: A VOICE TO LEAD-NURSING THE WORLD TO HEALTH.  Nursing Week recognizes dedicated  NP’s, Mid-Wives, RN’s,  and RPN’s.

In the weeks since the  COVID 19 crisis has unfolded, nurses, alongside other healthcare workers, have emerged as leaders and as heroes on the frontlines in this pandemic battle. Not one nurse in any particular town city or country, are doing anything different in this fight. This theme, like no other in the past, rings true. This pandemic , as awful as it has become, has highlighted nursing as a profession. Across the world, people are standing on their balconies, applauding their dedication and bravery , as well  as all other  health care professionals  and staff. This pandemic has shown the world what nurses do best, which is to provide exemplary care to all our patients, no matter the circumstances. Nurses will continue to demonstrate leadership, knowledge and a voice, while also caring for our colleagues and the public who have been impacted directly and indirectly by COVID 19.

Nurses  are often  working quietly in the background, never looking for a pat on the back for the job they do. But now more than ever, we, as nurses,  should use this time we have been given, to shine even brighter, so that we can get through these uncertain times and lead our community, our country and the world to  back to health.  “Health is not only to be well, but to be able to use well, every power we have to use” – Florence Nightingale.


During nurses week, we  would have celebrated  together by holding our annual nurses dinner. This year, the Registered Practical Nurses , along with PSW’s  were to organize this event. Unfortunately, we have decided, in keeping with social distancing, we will postpone the dinner until 2021.  The best gift to us would be for everyone to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy so we can continue to provide the best care to the community we love!

Denise Bussineau RPN- #proud to be a nurse, #LDHC

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