Serpent River FN Purchases Agawa Indian Crafts & Canadian Carver

Last summer was the first year that Agawa Indian Crafts and the Canadian Carver were not open for business. Many travelers and Wawaites were disappointed to not have this beautiful place to stop for a break – ice cream, free coffee – or best of all, a piece of smoked fish. For 48 years, first at Montreal River, then a Pancake Bay, Jerry and June Demers offered hospitality that was surpassed by none.

Finally, this year there is some bright news. Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corportion has announced that Serpent River FN has purchased the two businesses. They do not intend changing anything, and June and Gerry will assist with a transition period. Three members of the staff will remain.

Serpent River FN EDC explains, “It is our goal to generate own-sourced revenue for the entire community. It is our mission to build on the previous reports and community development decisions by cultivating viable business opportunities on treaty lands. traditional territories. and wherever they may be found to ensure the growth of sustainable revenue streams that improve the quality of life (or community members while being respectful of the traditions. We will judiciously and thoughtfully serve the vision and mission of Serpent River First Nation by constantly striving to promote and enhance financial and economic self-sufficiency for the community and all its members.”





  1. This is good news both for the band and the travellers on that stretch of highway.

    Wishing them much success.

  2. So happy we will see this iconic business back up and running soon. Best of Luck to you.