NDP applauds court ruling barring Ford’s attack on student unions

The Official Opposition New Democrats’ critic for Colleges and Universities, Chris Glover (Spadina—Fort York) said the NDP is very happy that yesterday’s Ontario Superior Court ruling strikes down Doug Ford’s attack on student unions, giving students who rely on student media and on-campus support centres hope that those services will be restored.

“The court is very clear that Doug Ford’s attack on student unions and the services they provide is an attack on the fundamental rights of Ontario students,” said Glover. “His attack has led to shortfalls in funding for student food banks, support programs for women and LGBTQ students, and for campus newspapers and radio stations.”

“I am very glad to see the courts rein in the provincial government, even ordering the Ford government to pay the Canadian Federation of Students’ (CFS) legal fees,” said Glover. “It’s clear that Ford’s attacks — from municipal elections, to business contracts, to students’ unions — are attacks on the legal and constitutional rights of Ontarians. We all should thank CFS for standing up for the rights of all students and all people in this province. Their hard work organizing rallies and student strikes is a testament to their resilience and leadership. The NDP is going to keeping fighting with them and for them until all Doug Ford’s cuts to colleges and universities are reversed, and until Ontario starts investing in students again.”

Ford is still plowing ahead with a $700-million cut to the colleges and universities’ sector, making student loans more expensive and schools more strapped for operating dollars.

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