Firefighter Craig Spooner Awarded 20 year Exemplary Service Medal


In the Corporate Planning Committee Meeting of Septemer 3rd, Council saw the presentation of a 20 year Exemplary Service Medal to Mr. Craig Spooner.

Mayor Ron Rody presented Captain Craig Spooner for his 20 years Exemplary Service Award. Mayor Rody explained that this medal was being awarded in recognition of Craig’s loyal and exemplary service to public safety in Canada, and is signed by the Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada. He continued to say, “I know that Craig has really the best interests of the fire department at hand. He works very hard, is very dedicated, and even had to miss several seasons of golf because of an injury on the job. So you know he puts it all out there and with the support of his fellow firefighters and the chief, they do an excellent job for the people in our community. We thank you and everyone for all your service.”

After a standing ovation, Wawa Fire Chief Kevin Sabourin presented Mr. Spooner with a 20 years of service medal.

Mr. Spooner had a few words to say. You can listen to his comment by clicking the link below.