Have Your Say! Survey Supporting Return of Passenger Rail Services to Northeastern Ontario

The Northeastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN) continues to advocate the provincial and federal governments for:

  • the return of passenger rail service in Northeastern Ontario,
  • improving existing passenger and freight rail services in the north,
  • placing a moratorium on removal of any rail lines.

NEORN, in cooperation with the Committee Promoting Muskoka Rail Travel (CPMRT), are encouraging residents and visitors to join their efforts by completing an online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NEORNsurvey

“One year ago, newly elected PC leader Doug Ford promised to return passenger rail service on the Toronto to Cochrane line which had been cancelled in 2012. This promise has been reiterated several times in the past 12 months,” explains Lucille Frith, NEORN and CPMRT Co-chair. “The April 2019 Budget had no dollar line item for the passenger rail service but Finance Minister Fedeli stated in the legistature the government is focusing on identifying opportunities for a modern, sustainable transportation system in Northern Ontario.”

NEORN and CPMRT feel that many of the moving parts are in place to make passenger rail a reality, including:

  • a government who keeps stating they will do it
  • a government who suggested an amount of $45 million they say would be spent ($30M Capital and $15M Operating)
  • a government who have publicly stated on CBC Radio that for the previous nine months they had been working with Corina Moore, President and CEO of Ontario Northland and partners at Ministry of Transportation to develop a plan. This plan is due out in November 2019.

“The Ford Government has stated they are listening to the people and support passenger rail in the north.  We want to provide data that will support the return of passenger rail between Toronto and Cochrane as promised, “said Frith. “Now have your say by responding to our survey!”

The survey is open until June 30, 2019

NEORN Co-chairs:

  • Lucille Frith (co-chair of CPMRT – Committee Promoting Muskoka Rail Travel) 705-783-1924
  • Howie Wilcox (member of CAPT – Coalition Algoma Passenger Trains)

For more information about NEORN, visit www.NEORN.ca

CPMRT is a volunteer group of community leaders SINCE 2007 who believe that improving and expanding passenger rail service is good public policy for all communities in Ontario. (The committee)CPMRT is part of the umbrella grassroots group NEORN which includes CAPT – all working  to encourage the provincial government to bring scheduled passenger services back to Muskoka and other regions in Ontario.   The CPMRT website  is www.gorailnorth.ca.

One comment

  1. Margaret Perrault

    I don’t see the survey but I definitely would like to see passenger rail in the north restored. Vic Fedeli is on record as being in support of freight , but not passenger service, so if he has had a change of heart that is a good thing. A lot of seniors, myself included are not confident about driving to Toronto themselves , with all the traffic hassles that entails. They still need to go south periodically, and would like to do so independently. The bus is not a comfortable option, the seat space is very cramped for older knees especially. Air travel between North Bay and Toronto is very expensive. The train is the best alternative, it is sorely needed and would be supported if a appropriate schedule is adopted. Leaving Nort Bay at two in the afternoon was a sabotaging tactic of the service. Thanks to all who are working to bring the train back to an original railway town.