New Scam hits Wawa!

A local resident was approached by two men in the parking lot of a local store Friday afternoon. They asked to borrow a phone, they were tourists from Greece, and their english was very poor. The Wawa resident dialed the number for them, and they spoke to someone for a couple of seconds – then handed the phone back.
It all sounded like something all of us would do. Let them use our phone, carefully dialing the number for them.
However, the full story came to light a few days later.
This phone had a card sleeve attached to it. Those handy little gadgets that many people use. Unfortunately, the man who borrowed the phone, removed a bank debit card. After recounting the story to the local OPP, it was remembered that the two men were in the same checkout line. Obviously, they must have observed the PIN being punched in. Sadly, over the next two days, the bank debit card was used a number of times at credit unions and a Money Mart in communities from White River to Winnipeg and emptied the savings and chequing accounts.
The OPP have been informed and they are actively investigating.
Please be careful to protect your PIN at all times. Although the card sleeves are incredibly convenient, one might consider using a case that would allow you to hand off your phone without all of your ID if necessary.