Watermain Repairs


What does it take to fix a water main or in this case, a lateral? The lateral is the pipe that branches off of the water main bringing water to your residence or business. A water lateral broke and needed repair. It took time to determine the area affected when the water was shut off for repair work, then to dig and determine what parts would be needed. There was even a sump pump running to drain the dribbling water from the main.


Finally, after what seemed to be forever in the planning stages, the lateral was cut, the expanded and ruptured piece removed. A compression fitting was used to attach the new piece of pipe, and a  cap was installed. While I watched the members of the infrastructure services worked to cut the lateral, smooth, find a second fitting (the lateral had expanded changing it’s diameter) and install the new equipment.

Once the cap was secure, a backstop was placed, the hole filled back up and water services restored. If