Malicious damage done to downtown corridor!




We live in a beautiful place…


These flower boxes are planted every year by hard-working volunteers and watered by Municipal staff. We know you are proud of this town, so let’s keep working together maintaining Wawa’s beauty.


In this case the grating over the storm sewer was lifted and dumped back crossways – hazardous.

If you know or have information about the individual(s) who continues to push over the flower boxes and garbage cans, please contact the Wawa OPP at 1-800-310-1122.


Thank you!


Source – Municipal Tourism and Recreation Staff


  1. Sadly, it seems we will have to install security cameras all around town in order to stop this wanton destruction. I will never understand what satisfaction one derives by destruction of property. I hope the persons responsible are identified.

  2. Very sad to see this .hard working volunteers work being destroyed by people.

  3. Why destroy our beautiful community? This is so sad! SHAME on who ever done this