Ford government leaves out northern, rural communities from Throne Speech: NDP

NDP MPP John Vanthof said that Doug Ford’s Throne Speech on Thursday left out northern and rural communities from his government’s plans.


“While northern and rural families were left with sky high hydro bills, overcrowded hospitals, dangerous roads, and fewer opportunities year after year, Doug Ford left out Northern Ontario and rural communities from his government’s priorities.


Doug Ford’s Throne Speech made no mention of helping northern hospitals, or creating jobs in Northern Ontario by investing in the Ring of Fire.  There was nothing about keeping northern and rural schools open, or bringing back the Northlander and keeping our northern rail lines operating and supporting the steel industry.


It looks like Doug Ford is moving backwards when it comes to Northern Ontario and rural communities.


New Democrats will work hard each day at Queen’s Park to make sure the Ford government gives northern and rural families the attention and respect that they deserve.


We will fight for a reduction in hydro bills, for the public services families need in health care and education, and for investment in job creation for our communities for a better future.”

SOURCE – NDP MPP John Vanthof

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