Statement from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Hydro One executive salaries

“Skyrocketing bills and outrageous executive salaries are a direct result of the privatization of Hydro One – which Doug Ford strongly supports. Firing every executive at Hydro One just creates a bunch of openings for more million-dollar executives to take their place, as long as it’s a private corporation.


The Wynne Liberals knew this would happen, and they privatized Hydro One anyways – and the Ford Conservatives have no plan to undo that damage. In fact, Ford wants to cut public services further, and keep privatising the assets built and owned by hardworking Ontarians.


Meanwhile, everyday families are stuck paying sky-high bills, with no relief in sight.


The only way to rein in outrageous executive salaries and bring hydro rates down for everyone is to own and control Hydro One again. New Democrats will bring Hydro One back into public hands, rein in executive salaries, and lower everyone’s hydro bills by about 30 per cent.”

Andrea Horwath