Friday at the Wawa Winter Carnival

Feb 17, 2018 @ 10:10

The first Wawa Winter Carnival began with the luncheon at the Senior’s Drop In Centre. There (if you could get a seat) you were served an Indian Taco, and you could select a desert. Apparently at times you had to wait for a seat. The Red Hat Ladies were a bright splash of colour as they enjoyed lunch.



The annual parade down Broadway Avenue to the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre was brief but enjoyable. Looking at the fire department’s rescue truck decorated with a very Canadian theme “Tim Hortons” gave me a giggle. Best though was the appearance of the Municipality’s Olympia Ice Resurfacer.



As always the bonfire, lit and tended to by the firefighters, was a welcome source of heat as people listened to the drummers and then watched the fireworks. Inside you could take refuge from the cold, and go to the Family Dance. If you were lucky you could see Mayor Rody with his friend, Grady.


The carnival continues Saturday, with many different events. Come out and enjoy!


(photos by Marcus Grundt)

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