Saturday at the Derby


Saturday morning was bright and clear with a little sliver of moon visible at dawn. Some anglers grabbed a quick pancake and bacon breakfast before heading out for a day of fishing in Michipicoten Bay. Quite a few anglers brought in fish yesterday, with the largest salmon being caught by Team 44 (Andre Roy and Derek Lamon) – 26.00 lb Salmon on Saturday.

By evening though, the weather was changing. The fog was rolling in, the waves were building, and it was getting darker. Eventually Derby Officials made the decision to pull the teams in at 8 p.m. It took 23 minutes for all the boats to come in off the lake and be tagged back in. At one time there were 41 boats waiting for their turn to come through the mouth of the river.


Top Salmon:

Team 44 (Andre Roy and Derek Lamon) – 26.00 lb Salmon on Saturday

Team 4 (Pierre Gauthier and Barry Charsey) – 20.80 lb Salmon on Friday

Team 54 (Wayne Roberts and Kirk Fletcher ) Р21.60 lb Salmon on Saturday




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  1. Thanks for the coverage of the derby, It’s getting better every year