413 ‘Move Over’ charges laid over the Holiday Weekend

Slow Down, Move Over!

With its traffic data now finalized, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reporting three fatal road collisions over the Civic Day Long Weekend and has updated its preliminary Move Over campaign results.


The first collision occurred on Friday evening, August 4, in Peterborough County, claiming the life of a 20 year-old female. The other two collisions occurred on Monday, August 7 — one in Lanark County which resulted in the death of a 35 year-old female and the other in Southern Georgian Bay in which a 22 year-old man was killed.


The OPP laid a total of 413 Move Over charges over the weekend against drivers who failed to slow down and/or move over a lane for emergency vehicles and tow trucks that were parked on the roadside with their emergency lights activated.


The OPP would like to thank all drivers who helped keep police, other emergency personnel and tow truck drivers safe over the busy long weekend by complying with this important law.