Hawk Road & Treasures at the Load Check

May 25, 2017 @ 09:02


Road construction on Highway 17 north brought our cleanup to a stop — but we did the immediate area, about 5 kilometers from the Goose north to a little past the shooting range. On that short stretch, we pulled 15 bags of trash (and when I say 15 bags, they are filled to the max — no ‘Mickey Mouse wimpy’ bags) out of ditches and embankments. Plus 4 large bags of recyclable plastics and hundreds of alcoholic cans! And that is just one year!


Starting on Hawk Road — let’s see what surprises await us there. Oh, my! Curiosity took us out to the load check just past Ghost Lake — because we are running out of time. The grass is getting too high, and the bugs are out, and really it didn’t look that bad.


We keep saying that every time, every year, but it is bad once we get out of the truck, frustrating. And this is what we found only on the load check area.



We will keep plugging away (weather permitting). Meanwhile let me say thank you to the EDC for treating us ‘garbologists’ to a much appreciated strawberry cake and coffee. Also a big thanks to Terry at Subway for the Tuesday lunch, and last, but not least Thank you to Sherri, Troy and the girls for the coupon for free lunches. It is very much appreciated — seeing that our hard work is also recognized and valued.

Til next time, Karin.

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