Ontarians deserve a $15 minimum wage

Mar 25, 2017 @ 08:41

Cindy Forster, Ontario NDP Labour Critic and MPP for Welland,  issued the following statement in response to the announcement made today by the Minister of Labour:


“Ontarians deserve nothing less than a $15 minimum wage, because someone who goes to work 40 hours each week shouldn’t be struggling below the poverty line. Too many people are working two or more low wage, part-time jobs just to pay their hydro bills and to put food on the table.


Premier Wynne doesn’t get that families can’t survive on the current minimum wage. Unstable employment is having‎ a devastating impact on women, racialized people and immigrants. Now is the time for a ‎$15 minimum wage for Ontario.”

Brenda Stockton
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  1. Every time the minimum wage goes up, greedy Ontario companies end up jacking up their prices and then we’re back at square one ! Maybe these pigs need to be reminded what a 2×4 feels like !

  2. Herry…those greedy Ontario companies need to jack up their prices to accommodate for the wage increase… When wages go up everything else has to. Do you really expect any business to not raise their prices when faced with an increase in wages or products? If they don’t raise the prices they will then lose money and not be able to provide the same service or quality that you are accustomed to, or even possibly shut down…..So yes we are all back at square 1.