USW Local Union 2251 Members Vote 98% in favour of Strike Mandate

On February 23rd, 2017, the membership of USW Local Union 2251were presented with a synopsis of what has transpired between the Negotiating Committee, a bidder and the employer.

The Membership of United Steelworkers Local Union 2251 voted to give a Strike Mandate to the Negotiating Committee from 5:00 am until 8:30 pm today at the Marconi Hall.

The members’ have given the Negotiating Committee a very strong mandate with a 98% ‘Yes’ vote.

The members of Local Union 2251 have repeatedly responded to the company’s requests in time of need. By this vote, they have stated emphatically that they are prepared to negotiate a Collective Agreement that makes sense and is fair to all.

The members of Local Union 2251 and their Bargaining Committee are looking for a collective agreement that is fair to all the workers. It is appropriate that the members that have given so much are entitled to a fair Collective Agreement that provides them a share when the market make the Company profitable.

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