In Memory – Bob Clifford


It has been 40 years since you left us. You are still missed so much.

I think you would be proud of who we have become. You raised us to be good, honest and giving people and I don’t think we have let you down.

I wish that you were here to be with your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. You would have got such a kick out of being a grandfather.

Kristen definitely has your sense of humour and sarcasm as well as her love for family. I see it often.

Cassie is a travel agent and loves to travel. The two of you probably would have gone on trips together.

Brett has your love of music and is an amazing guitar player. The two of you would have had some fun jam sessions.

Miley has another of your favourite loves… cars. You and her could have gone to car shows together and possibly bought one or two.

Miss Evelyn… boy I see so much of you in her. The smile with the dimple and the devil in her eyes. I think there would have been a lot of trouble with you two.

I know Mom and Carmen are with you and I hope that we make you smile and laugh a little.

Bobby & Pam

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