Happenings at Wawa First United – December 21

Last Sunday was the Third Sunday of Advent and the pink candle was lit, the candle of Joy.

On this third Sunday of Advent we light this candle symbolizing joy – acknowledging the reality that joy often bursts out of pain, hardship, and failure.

Joy often comes to us unexpectedly, especially when we have given up on life, joy reminds us that nothing is impossible – even in weakness, in our joy we are powerfully reminded that God is always near.  Therefore let us rejoice! Let us sing as we celebrate the good news in this divinely newborn baby.

Rejoice! And again I say rejoice!

Our joy erupts from the assurance that God is with us in our here and now.

Let us join prayerfully in thanksgiving and through divine conversation to discover peace and strength for our living and our loving.

Open our understanding, O God, rooted in coming home to your loving. Free our perceptions from the chains of judgment and of polarization. Equip us to perceive the good in one another while sharing the right relations. Inspire us for new life and new vision in all we think and do, that we might dance joyfully in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Scripture for Sunday, December 24th. Luke 2: 1-20  The Birth of Jesus

As the saying goes, ”Love is a verb”. God’s choice to live among us, as one of us, is love in all its glorious action.

This year, the fourth Sunday of Advent is also Christmas Eve, and the birth of Christ is imminent. We read of Mary who practices love, courageously accepting God’s purpose for her life as delivered by the angel Gabriel. Her words and actions echo throughout time, giving heart to all who receive God’s call, to love deeply and actively in ways that are life-giving, life-changing, large and small. Mary not only embodied these ways, she also partnered with God to give life to the flesh, blood, and spirit of Jesus, Emmanuel, God-with-us.

May God strengthen us through this good news, to say yes to the One who makes love known in co-creative action – and who is becoming present in a new way, very soon!



  • On Sunday, December 24th there will be no morning service. We will have a Christmas Eve Service at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and join in Celebrating the Birth of Jesus.
  • The next regular morning service will be on Sunday, January 7th
  • St. Paul’s Anglican Church will be celebrating a Service of Holy Communion using Reserve Sacrament on Christmas Eve Day at 2:00 pm.
  • The Prayer Shawl group will meet in the Family Room on January 6th at 3 – 4:30 pm. All knitters and crocheters are most welcome.


The Congregation of First United Church wishes you all a Blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

United Church