École Saint-Joseph (Wawa) student is living an unforgettable experience at Queen’s Park


From November 14 until December 8, an École Saint-Joseph student will have the opportunity to live a unique experience at Queen’s Park as Pages in the province’s Legislature. Havana Thibodeau-Bello, a grade 8 student at École Saint-Joseph (Wawa), was selected among hundreds of applicants seeking to participate in the Legislative Page Program.


The first challenge that Havana met with success before the start of this adventure was memorizing the faces, names and ridings of the 124 members of provincial parliament with whom they will work at Queens Park. The Pages play an important role in the Legislature. They work in the Legislative Chamber as messengers, performing many helpful duties for the Members of Provincial Parliament and the Officers of the House.


“We take great pride in seeing Havana benefit from this incredible learning experience. While becoming experts of Ontario’s legislative system, Havana will meet some outstanding citizens. With this experience, she will continue to share their leadership in her schools as well as within her community,” stated Mr. Paul Henry, CSC Nouvelon Director of Education and Secretary Treasurer.


Each year, some 150 boys and girls are selected from across Ontario to serve as Pages at the Legislative Assembly. The program is an educational opportunity for outgoing, high-achieving, community-involved grade 7 and 8 students who have demonstrated responsibility and leadership.

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