Red Pine Launches Virtual Tour of the Wawa Gold Project

Red Pine Exploration Inc. has launched a Virtual Site Tour to showcase the Wawa Gold Project. It was fascinating to spin the display around to see the zones and old workings. In this fashion, it makes it a little easier to visualize and pretend that I am a geologist or mine planner deciding where the mine should be developed.

“To follow our continued progress at the Wawa Gold Project, we encourage all shareholders to visit the new VRIFY model, accessible through our website and the VRIFY platform, to view our resulting geologic model and its evolution over time. The VRIFY platform will enhance communication of our results and add context and transparency of our project’s location, scale, resources, and drill results as they are released, helping potential investors and shareholders make informed decisions about the Company. VRIFY’s interactive platform has proven to be an intuitive and valuable investment tool as we systematically advance and de-risk the asset, and to better provide context to explore the new information provided following the Company’s public updates.“ – Quentin Yarie, President and CEO of Red Pine Exploration.

The VRIFY virtual tour of the Wawa Gold Project can also be viewed on the Red Pine website at:

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