Letter – Save our EDC

Dear Brenda,
The more I dig, the more I realize that this Municipality has to come out from behind the curtain they hide behind. All Town Councils should be run with transparency, truth, inclusivity diversity, and most of all “ACCOUNTABILITY.”
I had a phone call recently with the Mayor of our town. It was interesting and certainly eye-opening. He explained to me that the EDC Board has $200,000 in the bank, enough to fund them for the next 2 years. Further investigation proved that this was not true. And he also assured me that all 5 past employees now have new jobs. Also , not true.
The EDC Board was under the impression that because of the Wayfinders Report, the MUNCIPALITY had decided to DEFUND them. They had no recourse but to shut down, lacking those funds. This was presented to the Board as a DONE DEAL!
So, who is not communicating with who? It looks like the Municipality has an entirely different story than the EDC Board! It looks to me like the “Wayfinders Report” was just the EXCUSE needed to do what was already planned. Why do I think that? Well, because these are all the same people who fought tooth and nail to keep it independent from the Municipality. So, what has changed? The past head of the EDC (Maury O’Neill), now works for the Municipality, and will now take over, temporarily, the running of the new, improved EDC! Conflict much???!!
The mayor also told me that the new EDC would take over the projects of the OLD EDC! So why DEFUND them? If their work was WORTHY of being reciprocated, then why weren’t they allowed to carry on?
The casual dismissal of all these good workers needs more investigation. This is ALL just WRONG!  And it stinks like rotten fish!
Mary Harbocian
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  1. Mary you are correct. Yet if you keep digging there is so much more to find. You are not alone in your quest.

  2. And while I am at it….was it not Mayor Pat Tait working for Mike Moore and Sons on the new seniors building this year? Did the money not partially come from the Municipality and the rest from the Algoma Services Baord? Yet there is no declaration of a conflict of interest. And he has a sea can in his adjoining vacant lot which appears to be illegal. It never stops. The rules are only for some.