Municipality of Wawa COVID-19 Response

Following the new COVID-19 regulations put in place the Provincial Government, on January 3, 2022, the Municipality has taken the following actions:

  1. All public, in-person attendance at Committee and Council Meetings will be suspended until at least January 26, 2022. All scheduled Council Meetings during this time will take place virtually and may be viewed by the public at;
  2. Wawa Transit will continue to operate with increased steps taken to clean and sanitize the bus. All users are reminded to refrain from using the transit if they are sick and to wash their hands prior to using the bus.
  3. The Municipal offices at 40 Broadway will remain open to the public. Any visitors must wear a mask and wash their hands.
  4. The Wawa Community Centre will be closed until January 26, 2022. All recreation programming will be discontinued during this time.

“The steps the Municipality is following are required by Provincial Regulations and are designed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Taking every precaution, Municipal employees will continue to provide essential services to the community and Council will continue to meet electronically to continue operations,” said Mayor Pat Tait. “I hope that Wawa residents remain positive during this challenging time and that we
all come out of this next phase of the pandemic safe and healthy.”

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