The Santa Claus workshop project – mutual aid and community sharing


This year, École secondaire Saint-Joseph (Wawa) students enrolled in the Grade 12 Learning Strategies and Grade 9 “Introduction to Technology” courses joined forces and helped each other to create Santa’s Workshop!


Under the supervision of their teacher Mr. James Stewart, they devoted several hours to making various items such as wooden Christmas decorations, marshmallow forks with ergonomic handles made of crafted wood, cooky jars, fir trees, winter tuques, Jacob’s ladders also called magic snakes, wooden calendars with interchangeable months and days, celestial candles and rings.


Afterwards, the students held a sale on December 16 and 17. This first activity of the Santa Claus Workshop at École secondaire Saint-Joseph High School was a great success with sales of over $1,500. In a spirit of sharing and generosity for the holiday season, all funds raised by students through sales will be donated to the Wawa Food Bank! Many thanks to the students and to Mr. Stewart!


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