Marathon Palladium Project Joint Review Panel Invites Comments on Draft Public Hearing Procedures

The Joint Review Panel (the Panel) for the Marathon Palladium Project is seeking comments on the draft Public Hearing Procedures. The procedures outline how the public hearing will be organized and how interested parties can participate at the hearing.

At this time, the Review Panel cannot predict the timing of the hearing; however, the Review Panel will provide a minimum of 45-days’ notice in advance of the start of the public hearing.

Participants are invited to provide the Panel with general comments on the procedures. Comments regarding the timing of traditional and seasonal activities that should be considered when scheduling the public hearing are of particular interest.

The Panel is currently considering all reasonable options to ensure that the hearing is accessible to all participants, including the strong likelihood for virtual sessions using video communication tools. The Panel will consider input from participants regarding the dates, locations, and the format of the hearing.

The Panel will consider all comments received before issuing the final version of the Public Hearing Procedures. All comments received will be considered public and will be posted on the online public registry.

To view the draft Public Hearing Procedures or to obtain information on the Marathon Palladium Project environmental assessment, please consult the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry at, reference number 54755.

To be added to the distribution list and be kept informed of activities relating to the panel review process, provide a mail or email address to: [email protected].

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