The Terry Fox Foundation asks Canadians to join us for our “biggest try ever” for cancer research

On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox started his Marathon of Hope with a fundraising goal that was deeply personal: to raise $1 million to fund a cure for all cancers. Just 24 days into his run, that incredible goal became an audacious goal: to raise $1 from every Canadian.

Today, four decades later, each of us has been deeply impacted by the global pandemic in our personal lives and in our communities. The pandemic is putting Canada’s world-class research at risk, creating a funding shortfall that has already affected the cancer research community. We know the resiliency of Canadians; we take pride in our strength as a country. We have come too far to let the progress and momentum in cancer research falter.

“Today not only marks a powerful historical milestone for Terry, but also for Canadians who joined his journey,” said Fred Fox. “At a time when we all continue to be challenged in ways, we never thought possible, I hope Terry’s unbreakable spirit, his seemingly unlimited try, gives us all some inspiration to keep going.”

On April 12th we are asking Canadians to honour Terry’s try by donating to cancer research, and joining us as we begin asking ourselves, “What would our biggest try look like?” It can start by registering for one of our 2021 Terry Fox events and defining your biggest TRY. You can walk, run, ride, or hike – what matters most is that you fundraise for cancer research.

“This past year has shown us the true value of resilience and perseverance,” says Michael Mazza, Executive Director, The Terry Fox Foundation. “It’s now our collective turn to try like Terry with our biggest try ever. We can, and must, continue what he started 41 years ago today: fundraise to help find a cure for all cancers because “Somewhere the hurting must stop.”

Terry showed us his try…now it’s time to bring ours. Register for a 2021 Terry Fox event and donate to The Terry Fox Foundation by visiting

About TFF
The Terry Fox Foundation was founded with a dual mandate to maintain Terry’s vision and principles while raising funds for cancer research. The Foundation relies on a volunteer corps 20,000 strong to lead the charge on the ground organizing more than 9,000 Terry Fox fundraising events every year. With more than $850 million raised and 1,300 innovative research projects funded, it is clear that Canadians of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are determined to take Terry’s Marathon of Hope across the finish line. Visit

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