CSC Nouvelon virtual school students discover Indigenous culture

During the month of January, Ms. Isabelle Garceau offered 17 virtual workshops for students of the CSC Nouvelon’s Académie virtuelle. Mila and her Kindergarten to Grade 3 classmates talked about themes like the circle, the drum, Indigenous songs and more. Grade 4 to 6 students learned about gratitude, Mother Earth who takes care of us, and the cycles of the moon. Students in grades 7 and 8 were able to discuss various topics, including the medicine wheel, sacred plants, turtle island, and land recognition. It was a rewarding experience for all the students! The Académie virtuelle offers education in a virtual format to CSC Nouvelon students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Students are distributed throughout the school board’s territory in the districts of Sudbury and Algoma.

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  1. The only way we can reconcile with our indigenous brothers and sisters is through learning about them and we must start with the Children!

    Bravo to Ms Garceau.

    I might suggest that she include in her curriculum the Seven Teachings which are: Love, Honesty, Respect, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, and Humility. Each is accompanied by an animal that demonstrates to us how to practice each.

    And the most important lesson that I have learned in my spiritual journey came from a good friend in Wawa. “Speak your truth with kindness and you will get to speak your truth”.

    I also remember the closing words of. CBC Radio’s comedy The Dead Dog Cafe, “Stay calm, Be Brave, Watch for the signs.” Today I understand this profound advice from an indigenous based radio show which was very funny but deep.

    I did not receive all these teachings until late in life. I wish that I had been taught as a child. My path would have been much easier and I would have been a better person. Teach the children. They are our only hope and we need to nurture their mental, spiritual, emotional and physical selves if they are to be balanced within the medicine wheel.