A nice walk to send Christmas cards to Santa Claus

2020 - Santa Mail
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On December 4, students in both kindergarten classes at École Saint-Joseph (Wawa) were able to go outside and take a nice walk to the post office. Accompanied by their teachers, Ms. Angèle Auger and Ms. Isabella Impératori, and their educators, Ms. Jenny Bouffard and Ms. Kylie Millette, the students walked along this route to mail their letters to Santa Claus.


Earlier in the week, the children had carefully prepared their wish lists with their names and a little message. Afterwards, they slipped everything into a large envelope, with North Pole being the destination! While waiting for an answer expected before the Christmas break, the young students returned to École Saint-Joseph after making a short stop in the park, where they were able to to slide and roll in the snow before devoring for a good snack. Merry Christmas!

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