Moose bones discarded at William Teddy Park

It was very disappointing to receive these photographs in my email late yesterday. Once again disrespectful individuals have littered William Teddy Park. This time with the bones of a moose. Clearly visible are leg bones and rib cage. Unfortunately, this will attract coyotes and other scavengers who will enjoy this new buffet.

The MNR and Municipality of Wawa has been notified of this incident, and Wawa-news is sure that someone will remove the bones.

William Teddy Park was closed to public use several years ago because of black water being emptied on the ground. There have been a number of vehicles that treat the grassy meadow there as a personal 4-wheel bog to tear up. There is garbage deposited there by people who can’t be bothered to go to the dump, or take their coffee cups home. It is very sad that this very important part of Wawa’s history is treated so shabbily – and I don’t think that this can be pinned entirely on tourists.

It will be very sad, if this park is closed permanently.

It is not illegal to leave animal remains on Crown Land, but this is not Crown Land, it is Municipal parkland and adjacent to our water supply. Quick research shows that individual landowners are responsible for the cleanup of their own property. In addition, Municipalities are responsible for the public properties that they own. So this may pose an cost to the muncipality – eventually the ratepayers of Wawa.

If you know anything about this – Crime Stoppers provides an anonymous telephone line (705-942-7867 or 1-800-222-8477) or online at




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