Two teachers start their careers in Hornepayne

Ms. Stéphanie Labelle

Ms. Michèle Turcotte


École Saint Nom de Jésus takes great pride in welcoming this year two new qualified teachers who have chosen to start their careers in Hornepayne. Ms. Stéphanie Labelle and Ms. Michèle Turcotte, coming both from Sudbury, are delighted with what the school and the community have in store for them. They say they are happy with this great opportunity and the challenges this year brings them. In addition, they are working hard, developing relationships with students and staff and seek continuously to improve their teaching skills.


In the classroom as well as in school, both teachers demonstrate leadership, excellent communication skills and a willingness to learn. Ms. Labelle and Ms. Michèle have a good spirit of collaboration with school staff for the benefit of learning and well-being of students. The two new teachers have adjusted well to the new school reality. The students and their colleagues hope to benefit from their passion for many years and to see them spend many years at Saint Nom de Jésus.