Letter – Take Back the Night

Friday, October 2, 2020

Dear Editor,

Each fall, in communities across Canada, Take Back the Night events are observed.  The first Take Back the Night event was held in San Francisco, when local citizens met to protest the spread of pornography in their community.  Since that first event, the evening has grown to international proportions.  Locally, this event holds significance for each person in this community; if you are a woman, you have the right to “go safely through the night”, if you are a man, you want safety for your wife, daughters, sister, mothers; if you are a young person, you hold the future in your hands.  Everyone is invited – encouraged– to attend.  In unity there is strength, and our united demonstration that we are a community which does not condone violence in any form, but particularly violence against women and children, can have a far-reaching impact on ending violence.

This year’s event will look a little different, due to the Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings.  It will be observed on October 8/20 however, anytime between Monday October 5/20 – Thursday October 8/20.  Chadwic home will be hosting a virtual walk and encourage everyone to participate.  You can walk with a partner (social distance).  You will be starting at Lions Beach Pavilion where there will be some information along with glow sticks/placards to take along your walk if you please.  We also encourage anyone that has a Take Back the Night T-Shirt from the past to wear it or your own sign to carry. From there you will walk along the lit up boardwalk and view our information and displays of red dresses along the way.  Once you reach Dr. Rose beach there will be a poster honouring women who have been killed this past year.  There will also be a basket of tobacco (gloves available) should you wish to make an offering in memory of these women and others who have suffered violence in their lives.

If you plan to participate please take a selfie or have your walking partner take it and send it to [email protected] so that we can compile these into a slideshow which will be aired on October 8/20 @ 9:00 pm  on a live watch party on our Facebook page along with other information and slide shows.  We will also draw our winner for our Facebook page contest.  If you have not already entered please go to Chadwic Home page to enter.  We hope to see some great pictures of your walk!



Take Back the Night Committee

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