Tired of Cooking? Garlicky Pork Nibbles & Yogurt Cake

If you are anything like me – cooking meals for years on end, you have no idea of what to cook next. Here is a dish that I enjoy, you may as well.

Pork is one of my favourites – from schnitzel, chops, goulash and souvlaki. It is so easy to buy a pork loin roast saving the best side for pork chops, the middle into chunks for goulash and souvlaki – and the sirloin end for schnitzel – great way to use up a large piece of meat. If you choose to make my Garlicky Pork Chunks, make a lot. Stuff a few into a pita or a bun for a quick and easy sandwich or pile them up on a bed of rice. Great way to extend one night’s cooking into a few meals through the week – especially if it is too hot to cook.

The one thing I miss since the border closed down is the buttermilk I used to buy. This thick, almost yogurt – like liquid was fabulous and made the best ever smoothies, but I’ve been on the search to replace it. My best substitute was to take yogurt and add a little milk or cream to it. This replacement is also the inspiration for this dessert – Yogurt Cake. Strawberries and cherries are ripe, and you can serve them fresh, or made into a sauce and served over the cake. If you have an abundance of yogurt – try flavoured yogurt, the vanilla yogurt with the cardamon and nutmeg is sublime.