Cross of Lights “Lights in Memoriam”

Every year at Easter time, the Star that has been at the front of the United Church since Advent, is replaced with a cross.  This cross is lit with many bright bulbs.  Church and community members are welcome to purchase a bulb in memory of someone.  This list is usually published weekly in our church bulletin.  Thanks to Wawa-News for allowing us to share it in their paper since currently there is no church service or bulletin.

Cross of Lights

Lights in Memoriam

Leo & Gabrielle Asselin

Robert & Ivy Campbell

Cathy Clifford

Brandon Dereski

Kathryn Dereski

Stan Dereski

Tavis Dereski

Taija Gallo

Alden Hinchcliffe

Hector & Jessie Hinchcliffe

Lillian Hossler

Florence & Jack James

John Airth James

Patricia Kien

Gus & Anna Klockars

Margaret Magi

Bruce McMeekin

Madeleine Rockwell


Neil & Hilda Morrison

Fraser Reid

F.X. & Ada Sabourin

Gordon & Betty Sabourin

Nicole Spencer

John & Carol Sanders

Noble & Irene Spencer

Einar Sten

Beryl & Bill Stockwell

Marinus & Dorothy


Earle & Edna Terris

Barbara & Ron Tigwell

Percy Wardrop

John Wardrop

William Wardrop

Bert & Agnes Young

Bert & June Young

Ethel Young

Gary Young

John Young

Sherwood Young

Eva Zwicker

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  1. Awsome picture of the church and many thanks for publishing the In Memoriam list. Special thoughts of special people. Great job, Brenda!