Northern Policy Institute (NPI) is recruiting board members

Northern Policy Institute (NPI) is recruiting board members this fall! Come be part of a team that works for the sustainable economic growth of Northern Ontario communities.


Northern Policy Institute is Northern Ontario’s independent think tank. We perform research, collect and disseminate evidence, and identify policy opportunities to support the growth of sustainable Northern Ontario communities. Our operations are located in Thunder Bay and Sudbury. We seek to enhance Northern Ontario’s capacity to take the lead position on a socio-economic policy that impacts Northern Ontario and Canada as a whole.


Northern Policy Institute is looking for individuals who have a strong commitment to improving the quality of life of the people living in Northern Ontario. As a governance board, the Board of Directors provides strategic direction for the Northern Policy Institute. Directors serve on Board committees dealing with audit, fundraising and governance. The Board’s principal responsibility is to protect and promote the interests, reputation, and stature of the Northern Policy Institute.


To join our team, members must have specific subject matter expertise, abilities, or experience. Economic development, Indigenous Peoples, Demographics, Immigration, Infrastructure, Communities, and the Environment are all topics of interest for the Northern Policy Institute.


For board members, the term is three years and they may be re-elected to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. There are two teleconference meetings and two in-person Board meetings each year. Board members are also encouraged to actively participate in any other Northern Policy Institute events and conferences.These are volunteer positions with no financial compensation.


People interested in applying to become a Board Members with Northern Policy Institute or if you wish to nominate someone, please visit our website and fill in the board member application form. Please be sure to do so by the end of February.

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