LDHCF Launches ‘Catch the Ace’ Fundraiser

The Lady Dunn Health Center has launched their newest fundraiser ‘Catch the Ace’. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, January 8th at 12 Noon at Circle K Wawa, Petro Canada Wawa, and LDHC Foundation Office for $5. The premise of the game is that 52 playing cards are sealed in opaque envelopes and will be on display  in the Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation office.

Each ticket sold will allow purchases to pre-select an envelope. When the draw is made that week, the lucky weekly winner will take home 20% of that week’s ticket revenues and the envelope number selected on the ticket will be opened to reveal a playing card, which hopefully will be the Ace of Spades. If the card is not the Ace of Spades, the card will be destroyed and the lottery continues for another week. If the card is the Ace of Spades, the weekly winner also wins the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot grows each week with 30% of weekly ticket sales revenue being added in. If the Ace of Spades is not found by week 20, the first ticket drawn in week 20 will be the weekly winner and take home 20% of that week’s ticket revenues. If the Ace of Spades is still not found, we will continue to draw tickets until the Ace of Spades is found! These draw winners will not be awarded the jackpot unless their envelopes reveals the Ace of Spades.

If the Ace of Spades is not found – all the tickets will be removed from the draw barrel and ticket sales will begin anew for the next week’s draw. A maximum of 14,000 are to be sold for each draw, for a maximum Prize Board of $35,000.

The weekly prize distribution each week is:

    1. 20% will be awarded to the winning ticket holder
    2. 30% will be added to the progressive draw
    3. 50% will go to the Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation (Registered Charity #854149291RR0001)

Weekly winners will be posted on the LDHCF site – at this link.