At École Saint-Joseph, the Francophonie is everyone’s business!


On September 25, students and staff at École Saint-Joseph (Wawa) displayed great pride during Franco-Ontarian Day. Many activities took place during this special day all in green and white. Teams alternated to participate in dance workshops, songs, drawings and tastings! A free barbecue dinner was offered – not easy to feed more than 260 people! In addition, everyone could enjoy a beautiful cupcake decorated in green and white, yum! It was in the gaiety and in a festive atmosphere that everything took place. Smiles were at the rendez-vous! A big thank you to the organizers!


The high school students, meanwhile, were able to let off steam and laugh while participating in group activities during the Franco day. As a team, the students tried to form a big train by playing rock-paper- scissors. The students “lost” their shoes in the Wawa Wind. In a dyad, the students had the chance to catch balloons lying on skateboards during a human version of the Hungry Hippos game. To conclude the day, everyone participated in an ultimate obstacle course; plungers, noodles and balls of all sizes made both teachers and high schoolers laugh.


Many thanks to Ms. McGregor for organizing and preparing the games and a big thank you to Ms. Lytwenko for hosting the afternoon.

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