Breakfast Program Donation


The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB) is very thankful for a generous donation from United Steel Workers (USW) Local 2251 that will be shared among all eighteen schools in the board. 

USW 2251 Local President Michael Da Prat presented the donation of $6,500 at the Board’s Catholic Education Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. 

“We are so grateful for the support from USW Local 2251. Utilizing these funds for our school breakfast programs will not only enhance the health of our students but also their learning. The timing of this generous gift is so appropriate, given that the Thanksgiving weekend is just days away,” said HSCDSB Director of Education, Rose Burton Spohn. 

The funds are part of the membership union dues. USW Local 2251Executive makes a recommendation to the Board of Stewards and the members and the membership approves the donations. 

“USW Local 2251 originally donated to a breakfast program at Etienne Brule. In 2015, USW Local 2251 decided that is was unfair to only support the children from one school. At that time, the membership approved a donation to both school boards. The result was that the schools under the HSCDSB would receive $250.00 per school for their breakfast programs. In 2019, the membership supported increasing the amount for the super schools to $750.00 per school,” said USW Local 2251 President, Michael Da Prat. 

The HSCDSB breakfast program is open to all students in every school. 

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