Federal drug announcement more disappointing stalling: Ontario NDP

Andrea Horwath released the following statement in response to the federal announcement on drug coverage:


“Today’s announcement on drugs by the federal Liberals is more recommendations, more delays, and no action — again. That affirms for me that Ontario will have to implement its own universal pharmacare program, a drug plan that covers everyone.

In the last election, I ran on a detailed and fully-costed plan to implement universal pharmacare in Ontario. It’s a plan I believe in — one that will put more money in Ontarians’ pockets, and one that promises better health for millions of people.

I believe no parent should feel the stress that comes from worrying about how they’ll be able to afford their child’s medicine. No patient should ever leave the doctor’s office with a prescription they know they can’t fill. No one should ever have to resort to our already-packed emergency rooms because they couldn’t afford to keep up with the medications they need to stay healthy.

When the chips are down, the Trudeau Liberals take the side of big pharma — and Canadians lose out, as a result.

One in four people in our province are not taking the medication they need because of the cost, and millions of people have to pay out of pocket for the care they need. That has to stop. That’s why I’m as committed as ever to a universal pharmacare plan for Ontarians.”

Andrea Horwath