The United We Roll Convoy will be in Wawa today

The United We Roll Convoy has left Sault Ste. Marie (8:30 a.m.) and is now on their way to Wawa. It is anticipated that they will be in Wawa about 11. There have been live feeds available on Facebook, but with intermittent cellular service that may not be online.

There were concerns last night with Angie’s car “Bandit” who had serious troubles yesterday. In an amazing turn of events, J&J Custom repaired Angie’s car, working through the night to tear out a fuel tank, rebuild a fuel pump, install a tie rod. Not only did they do the work, they covered to tow bill from the Quattro to the shop. Instead of asking for payment, they asked for donations to be made for Kayge Fowler (there is a donation box in Wawa at North of 17).

The United We Roll Convoy will be stopping on Pinewood Drive for a short time before continuing on to Thunder Bay.