Trillium Party supports the Yellow Vest Movement

After much deliberation the Trillium Party of Ontario would like to announce its formal support of a peaceful “Yellow Vest Movement”.

We feel the movement reflects not so much a regional concern such as a pipeline project or infrastructure funding but has come to represent a more worldwide phenomenon of protesting the indifference of our political leaders to the wishes of its electorate.

In Canada and, in particular, Ontario we feel the media may have as its mission a view to mould public opinion rather than reflect public opinion. This could render a result of frustrated citizens that will “rise up” to a level necessary to have their voices heard.

Mass rallies appear to reflect the beginning of that “level.”

Members of the Trillium Party of Ontario will be in Ottawa supporting those frustrated Canadians who don’t have an identifiable special interest group to rally behind. And yet who will have to pay the freight for every bad decision this and past governments have made.  It would seem those taxpayers that we will be attending with.

Standing up for what’s right is what the Trillium Party of Ontario has always done and what we will continue to do.

See you in Ottawa!

Bob Yaciuk; Leader, Trillium Party of Ontario


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  1. More pages out of the Trump campaign. Create a new special interest group, the frustrated that only his party can represent, a divide and conquer approach to power.

    Most Trump like, launch a campaign to discredit the Media.

    And is something missing in this sentence? “It would seem those taxpayers that we will be attending with.”