2018 Candidates Night


Last night’s Candidates Night was well attended. Maury O’Neill was the moderator for the evening with all candidates and members of the public abiding by the rules. A number of issues were brought up by candidates and public via their questions: Water and water meters, recycling, question period at council meetings/attendance, and evaluating management at the Municipality.

Readers are invited to watch the video, perhaps a couple of times to really listen to each candidate and make an educated vote in this election.

There is a possiblity of a Tea & Coffee Question Night being organized, but no date has been set at this time.



  1. I watched with interest the post on Candidate’s night, more than once. I took exception to one candidate’s remark that there is garbage all over town. We live in an attractive clean little town, look at our parks, our community center, neat, well groomed, go and look at the remarks at our Tourist Information Centre. If people choose to have junk in their yard, not cut their grass or let their home get run down, that is not our Council’s job, it’s the homeowners.

    I was born here in Wawa, lived here all my life, and never once have I had the question posed to me that our Town Hall is top heavy, never mind by 40 people. I would like to congratulate our Township employees for all the jobs they do, our cleanliness in our hometown, does not go unnoticed. There were a lot of questions put forth, remember, our Mayor & Councillors do this on their time, for the better of us the citizens. and by the look of all the work ahead of them, we may need more employees, not criticism.

    Our Municipal Council deserves a pat on the back not criticism

  2. Well said Gerry! I have been here 28 years and worked in one capacity or another for 24 of those years in or close to the township office or ‘white house’ as it was referred to by a candidate (I found this descriptor to be very derogatory). It was stated that when there was a population of 5000+ that there were only four employees in the administration office. In 1992 I recall eleven staff and I may have missed one or two. Today I am aware of ten being the number of staff one of which is not full time for our community. As in infrastructure services, the workload does not lessen with lower population. Administration duties have increased with the legislated responsibilitues passed onto municipalities by our provincial governments.
    I too have never had anyone ask me why there are so many staff in the municipal office, but I assure you in the last 26 years there were always far more than four.