Wawa Community Garden Update – August 2017

Word has it that this year’s late spring warmth and wonderful summer weather helped produce bumper yields for gardeners in the Wawa area. The sprouting evidence seen at our community garden on the CAS property just off Algoma Street would seem to show this to be fact.  Good results makes the growing of fruit and vegetables so very rewarding!

Our garden plots were completely taken this summer, most adequately cared for by our ‘serious’ gardeners and proved abundantly productive.  Others didn’t fare as well when regular watering and weed-pulling were not done.  Goes to prove that hard work usually produces good results!

The Community Garden will again host a BEST VEGGIE BRAGGING RIGHTS display at the Annual Blueberry Fall Festival.  All area gardeners are invited to enter the potentially prize-winning ‘fruits of your labours’ under the following categories:

  1. LARGEST Potato
  2. LARGEST Cabbage
  4. BEST BUNCH of Root Vegetables
  5. BEST Harvest Basket of Plenty

Hope to see all the proud gardeners there!

We hope to be able to upgrade some existing plots and possibly expand the number available.  If you’re interested in helping out or becoming a community garden member, please contact us.

Terry Switzer, Chair ~ Wawa Community Garden

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