Wawa: We Have a Problem

Sep 17, 2018 @ 09:15


As great as the gardening season has been, members of the community garden are disappointed at having been repeatedly victimized by unknown visitors.  Crops have been pulled up by garden raiding or left to waste somewhere on the garden property through isolate acts of vandalism.

The community garden has evolved into a collective of individuals who pay $10.00 for the use of a 40 sq. ft. garden plot.  Larger plots incur extra cost according to the size.  Anyone can become a community garden member pending availability of open space.  Members produce vegetables and fruits for local and personal consumption.  Fees collected through rental of plots go toward expanding and improving the garden infrastructure and soils, as resources and volunteer labour are available.

The Wawa Community Food Bank has a large plot free of charge that provides as many fresh vegetables for their clients as can be grown. 

Garden members intend to use what they grow as they see fit.  Successful gardeners often give extra produce to family and friends.  Some garden members provide food to the Wawa Community Food Bank.  All locally grown produce decreases the need to import food, lessening the carbon-footprint of food supply and provides the successful grower with a sense of self-accomplishment and pride.  Sharing with our friends and community in ways that we choose, helps create a stronger community and an increased sense of civic pride.

These positive results are being eroded by the unwelcome perpetrators who have targeted numerous garden plots.  Some garden members have indicated they will not use the community garden next year, over the disappointment of being victimized.  Immature crops have been ripped out and wasted.  Other produce has disappeared, leaving the grower who put the time, effort and resources into that crop, at a loss.

We all lose when well-intentioned people are victimized and abused!

The Wawa Community Garden is NOT intended to be a place where individuals from the community-at-large can roam at will and harvest whatever they choose.  

Please be respectful of that fact and help keep the community garden a viable resource. 

SOURCE – Terry Switzer, Chair – Wawa Community Garden

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