Ripping up contracts will cost Ontarians money, jobs and their environment

NDP Energy critic Peter Tabuns says Doug Ford’s latest attack on the environment – ripping up 758 renewable energy contracts – could cost thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars, and damage the quality of the air and water in Ontario.


“It’s Kathleen Wynne’s gas plants scandal all over again,” said Tabuns. “People don’t want to see our beautiful lakes get dirtier and our air get smoggier, and they absolutely do not want to pay extra to watch that happen.

“We’re calling on Mr. Ford to put a pause on cancelling these contracts until we know just how much it’ll hurt.”


The Ford Conservative government claimed Friday that it would pass a law to prevent the huge penalties and costs associated with ripping up 758 contracts from being added to hydro bills – which means that those costs would be covered by all Ontarians, either through higher taxes or cut services.


“Mr. Ford’s war on science and the environment may be pleasing his friends in back rooms, and fulfilling promises he made to social conservatives that supported his election bid,” said Tabuns. “But for the rest of us, it’s going to means lost jobs, billions of dollars wasted, and tangible environmental damage.”  


SOURCE – NDP Energy critic Peter Tabuns

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