NDP Statement about ORNGE Investigation by OPP

Feb 9, 2018 @ 08:15

Ontario NDP Finance critic John Vanthof issued the following statement about the OPP investigation into ORNGE air ambulance.


“The fact that the OPP investigation into ORNGE has been stalled by non-cooperation and opaque record-keeping is a damning condemnation of the lack of oversight and transparency in yet another Liberal privatization scheme. The waste and deceit at ORNGE is a reminder of the fact that this Liberal government, like the Conservatives before them, would rather invest in private, for-profit companies than the services that matter to Ontario families.

When private profit is at the heart of political decision making, instead of public good, the people of Ontario lose. In this case, the people of Ontario lost a billion dollars, given by the Liberals to executives at ORNGE, with no oversight, and no transparency. Ontarians deserve better.”

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