Bee-Bot at Sir James Dunn

Oct 27, 2017 @ 08:05


The kindergarten class at Sir James Dunn received a special surprise last Wednesday.  The Technology team from the board office dropped off a new little critter to the classroom.  He is called Bee-Bot and Bee-Bot is a programmable floor robot, ideal for teaching control, directional language and programming/coding to young children.


The students had been practicing how to code Bee-Bot using an app on the iPads; so when the floor Bee-Bot arrived it sure did not take them long to quickly learn how to code the robot to move around a large grid on the floor.  Target locations were set up and the students coded the robot to move forward, move backward, turn left and turn right to achieve the desired goal.  The Kindergarten students will also be buddying up with their Grade 4 partners who will become their Tech Buddies so that they can also learn how to code using the exciting new Scratch Junior program.


Many exciting things are happening in the Kindergarten room at SJD.  SJD is the place to be!

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