OCSA Celebrates Meals on Wheels Week

Oct 6, 2017 @ 08:19

October is Ontario Community Support Association Month. In Wawa we have several community support programs that help the frail elderly stay in their homes longer.  October 1st – 7th highlights Meals on Wheels week!


If you are a senior, an adult recovering from an illness, or a physically or mentally challenged individual, then you qualify for the Canadian Red Cross Meals on Wheels program.  Do you find it a challenge to drive or walk to the grocery store for regular shopping trips?  Is the constant cleaning up after cooking just one meal getting to you?  Chances are if you are living alone, preparing well-balanced meals for yourself is easier to put off than if you are preparing a meal for others.  Seniors often eat what is handy, which is fine if it meets your daily nutritional requirements.  Washing, cutting and chopping fresh produce, getting the right protein portions and ensuring the pots and pans are cleaned afterward can be a real task if you are a senior.


The Meals on Wheels program has provided Seniors in Wawa with hot nutritious meals for seventeen years now.  The Frozen menu option was added in the spring of 2000 to offset the days hot meals are not delivered.  Hot meals are prepared at the Lady Dunn Health Center and provide carefully planned menus that help sustain a well balanced diet.  Meals include; soup, bun, salad, and an entree that has the 3 basic requirements; protein, starch and vegetables.  Of course no meal would be complete without all the condiments and a dessert.  This meal is substantial, with many people enjoying the soup and salad for lunch and the entree for dinner.  Meals are delivered by volunteers at 11:30 Monday to Friday.


The Frozen Menu Option is also carefully planned and prepared especially for seniors.  They are low sodium, suitable for diabetics, and provide for 40% of a seniors daily calorie requirement and 50% of the daily protein requirement.  These meals can be ordered anytime, by calling the Coordinator, Darlene Trovarello.


Perhaps you know a neighbour or family member who could benefit from this service.  The Red Cross has many ways this service can be provided.  It can be billed to a family member who wishes to provide this service for their parent who may not even live in the same town or province.  Gift certificates are available also, and make great Christmas gifts for those parents who have everything!


We are so impressed with our meals from the Lady Dunn Kitchen we know you will be too.  So, we want everyone to try it at least once.  Whether you are a previous client, or have never tried our meals, now is the time.  Just call 856-1964 if you or someone you know could benefit from these fabulous meals.

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