The Only Northern Voice in the Next Election

Jun 15, 2017 @ 10:00

The Northern Ontario Party will be a strong voice to speak on behalf of its citizens. Unlike the other Greater Toronto Area parties, we intend on having candidates that will represent you the citizen, rather than representing a political party’s agenda or a special interest group.

There is no doubt we will face challenges, confront hardships, but we will prevail by exercising courage, confidence and conviction. Our ultimate goal is to elect 11 representatives from each riding and transfer power from the GTA and give a strong voice back to the citizens of Northern Ontario.

For too long, these special interests, major political parties and government bureaucrats have reaped the rewards, while the people have endured the cost. Northern Ontario has a great potential to be a wealthy region; yet, government practices denies the people to share in its wealth. The establishment continually protects itself, the special interest that support them, but not the citizens of our province. With rising hydro rates, taxes on utilities, the outsourcing of jobs, there is very little to celebrate for struggling families all across our province.

There needs to be a change, starting right here and right now. The Northern Ontario Party wants to be that change. The Northern Ontario Party wants to help you take back your province.

What truly matters is not which party governs, but whether our government is accountable to the people. The Northern Ontario Party will bring that accountability back by providing transparency of the province finances, fighting for the less fortunate citizens, uniting citizens to demand the truth be told. These are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public.

For many years, we’ve enriched foreign industry at the expense of our local economy; by making exceptions to the Mining Act which requires raw materials to be processed in Canada is there are facilities available.

We are looking for dedicated people to join our party so we can achieve these very things. We are the only party that included our members to help shape our policy and platform through a democratic vote.

These are some of the issues the Northern Ontario Party will address:

  • Hydro rates need to come down in our province. Since Thunder Bay Hydro rates are   considerably lower, perhaps utilize this organization’s policies and practices as a working model to restructure the finances of all of our other provincial power companies.
  • There are many issues regarding healthcare we need to implement to make it more affordable for all families across our province. We need to expand the two major hospitals in Northern Ontario to accommodate the aging population. This also means focusing on improving and expanding our Long Term facilities.
  • The Mining Act needs to be enforced so that we can have at least 50% of our raw materials processed in Northern Ontario.
  • We need to place the Carbon Tax on where it truly belongs. This
  • would be on imports from excessive carbon producing countries.
  • While a rise in MINIMUM WAGE is inevitable, we believe a MAXIMUM WAGE of $350,000 must be imposed on all public sector workers.
  • We need a full review government finances to bring down the cost of living.
  • With regards to the imbalance of industrial and residential municipal taxes we need to replace MPAC with a fair and realistic property evaluation system.


How can you help? The Northern Ontario Party is currently seeking new members across the North who are highly motivated to help the NOP gain momentum into the next provincial election. For More information please check out our website at

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