Wawa’s Yellow Fish Road

May 16, 2017 @ 13:54

Painting a storm drain at the corner of Toronto Avenue and Ste. Marie Street.


Finally, the weather co-operated so that storm drains that lead into Wawa Lake have all been painted with the ‘Yellow Fish Sign’ by students.



If you came home last night to find a fish hanging from your doorknob, the storm drain that serves your residence drains directly into Wawa Lake, Wawa’s source of drinking water. It reminds everyone that only water should go into the drains, not oil, radiator fluid, soap… In other words anything you do not want to drink.


The yellow fish signage has been implemented worldwide in a way to display in an easy way to understand how our behaviour affects our environment, and shows a way to protect it.


After painting the storm drains, the students and volunteers enjoyed a pizza party.



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